Makes Sense of

Your Data.

The revolutionary Big Data Product!

In your company data a gigantic knowledge is slumbering! Fast access to this knowledge is the key to success: It offers comprehensive information on the direct route to your destination. DaSense is your right hand in the realization of enormously large, heterogeneous data sets. Fast, convenient, proactive and forward-looking, our Big Data solution helps you analyze your data.

An outstanding feature of DaSense, working with globally distributed data, has been patented by NorCom.

DaSense speaks the language of your Data

DaSense creates an innovative environment that allows you to conveniently communicate with your business clusters. Through the sophisticated user interface you get a uniform, comprehensive and direct access to all your data.

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​Comprehensive & correct insights
There are no limits to the data to be processed. DaSense works even better, the more data it gets. This supports data analysis: many good data enable you to discover a few irregularities immediately.

Fast results
DaSense sends the algorithm to the data and then delivers the results to the inquirer. This is absolutely innovative - in other systems the data must be moved in a time-consuming and laborious manner.


Intuitive & comfortable usability
DaSense is user-friendly and can be operated via generic standard and / or individually programmable apps. It visualizes results in clear graphs and diagrams.



This is what results could look like
Example 1
This is what results could look like
Example 2
This is what results could look like
Example 3
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Open Architecture & Independence


DaSense relies on flexible technology selection, open

architecture and understands different programming

languages. DaSense is a modular kit, whose content is

continually challenged and extended.

Secure access
DaSense meets the most demanding security standards

according to ITIL with regard to failure protection,

access protection, data security or integration of

existing IT infrastructures & processes.

DaSense is a big data total package - without a weakness!




► On Premise

DaSense is installed on your premises as a software for the needs of your company.  There will be no license costs for DaSense - you get our software as part of the joint project "for free"! Our consultants and data scientists will work with you to tailor your individual DaSense according to your requirements. You will receive as many user logins as desired, specially programmed apps and can use DaSense for free. You can carry out further developments internally - or continue to rely on the expertise of our team!

► Analytics as a Service

Use the DaSense software without having to install it. You leave your data analysis to us and receive the results. We offer this service at a fixed price. For this purpose, you submit your collected data in any format. We process and verify your measurement data in an IT environment that meets the highest security requirements. In the end, you receive an evaluation that allows a 360 ° view of data and will be groundbreaking for your development work. Diagrams and graphs provide insights and serve as a reference book for additional work. On request, your data remains with us - for further analysis in the future.





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