Consulting around DaSense

We offer our customers "Asset Based Consulting" - that means our product DaSense is at the center as well as our expertise. The accompanying consultancy services focus on finding the best, fastest and most economical solution for your individual requirements. Our consultants speak the language of your IT and the departments. In this way, targeted solutions for the practice can be developed. You will not have to be patient for long-term results - within a few days, DaSense will give you first results on your business case.


Business Intelligence & Analytics
From your specific questions, our Data Science experts build comprehensive queries that provide you with reliable and valuable information from your data. For single or repeatable queries.

Business Continuity
Our Big Data software becomes a fixed, central part of your company's IT. We offer a long-term, lean operation of DaSense including regular updates.

Information Management
The data you collect in the company provides a sound foundation for decision-making. Our data management architects will help you design a consistent concept.

Data Lake Management
In the datalake, data is stored in its original form - which makes it easy to analyze. However, to ensure that your DataLake is not a "data swamp", management is essential. With us, you keep your data lake powerful, fail-safe and protected.


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